Club rules

Hygiene: All members are expected to maintain proper hygiene. Use deodorant and refrain from wearing strong perfumes or colognes that may cause discomfort to others. Please use sanitary wipes to wipe down equipment after use.

Age Restrictions: The fitness center is open to individuals aged 14 and above. Minors between 14 and 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/personal trainer. Minors between 16 and 18 years old must have parental consent to use the facilities.

Equipment Usage: Members are responsible for using the fitness equipment correctly and safely. Follow the instructions provided and seek assistance if unsure. Do not hog or monopolize equipment during busy periods. Be mindful of others waiting and limit your usage to a reasonable time frame.

Noise and Etiquette: Maintain a respectful and quiet environment. Avoid dropping weights and excessive grunting. Use headphones when listening to music and watching videos. Respect others’ personal space and maintain a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Personal Belongings: Securely store personal belongings in designated lockers or storage areas. The fitness center is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Cleanliness: Keep the fitness center clean and tidy. Dispose of trash in designated bins. Report any spills or maintenance issues to the staff immediately.

Personal Training: Only authorized personaltrainers are allowed to provide services within the fitness center. Members must not solicit or engage in unauthorized personal training activities.

Safety: Follow all safety guidelines and instructions provided by the fitness center staff. If you have any health concerns or medical conditions, consult a physician before using the facilities. In case of emergencies, follow evacuation procedures and cooperate with staff instructions.

Group classes: Joining group classes requires advanced registration and may have limited capacity. Please arrive on time and respect the fitness instructor’s guidelines and fellow participants.

Guest Policy: Guests are allowed with a valid guest pass and must adhere to all fitness center rules and policy.

Prohibited Activities: Smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs, and any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited within the fitness center premises.

Violations and Disciplinary Actions: Failure to comply with fitness center rules may result in disciplinary actions, including warnings, temporary suspension, or termination of membership.